Saturday, August 8, 2009

Top Cont'd

Tops just about done, started carving out the inside today. Just a little more sanding, and i'll be on to cutting the f-holes. after the f-holes are cut i brace the top and start on the back. Heres some pictures.
1: flamed maple back ready to be cut and carved. 2: outside of the top, just about done. 3: inside of the top, roughly carved 4: where i spend 5-8 hours on my days off. (notice the wawa hat i keep on the wall as motivation to one day do something i love, and NOT make hoagies for unsatisfied customers.)

1 comment:

{natalie} said...

good idea with the wawa hat, though i promise i'll be satisfied with a turkey and swiss shortie plain. thanks and i'll see you there soon!

ps. the guitar looks awesome and i'm happy you are getting into it.