Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New Tools/Some progress

Today some tools came! It only takes stew-mac 2 days to deliver to my house, its amazing. I also got the f-holes sanded to final shape and started to sand the top to thickness. Theres still a fair amount of work to do until just the top is done. Pictures:::

Just have to sand out some valleys and the top will be ready to thickness and bind the f-holes.

Brand new Sloan Bending Iron. I'll use this to bend the sides to conform to a mold

Lots of spool clamps and a precision straight edge.
Total = 310$


*ethan* said...

yikes! but what's cool is that for your next build you'll already have all the stuff

Rachel and Brian said...

Those are some fancy tools! Keep up all your hard work Aus, its comin along really good!

{natalie} said...

good job on all your hard work in the garage. i like the last pic of all of those all lined up.

Jackie said...

Awesome job Austin! :)