Monday, August 24, 2009

After some time off..

So I just got back from vacation with literally my entire family. It was awesome and i already miss you guys! (mostly ethan and his incredible shoulder kissing abilities). But anyway, during this vacation i came across a large sum of money. Unfortunately it wasnt in the form of pirate's gold or anything but it was still pretty sweet. This being said i had the oppurtunity to buy some tools that i would otherwise have to save up for. I just ordered them the other night so i'll have a few pictures up of them when they get here. Today i got a little work done, thanks to my new orbital sander! Heres some pics.

Here's the view from the roof of the house we stayed in on vacation.

New Dewalt orbital sander. =D

rough cut the f-holes just for fun.


{natalie} said...

haha, thanks for the shout out to Eth, I think you made his day. we loved spending time with you and Ang and everyone else. keep blogging. tell Ang hi for us.

Rachel and Brian said...

very nice. didn't think to get a pic from the rooftop....hmmm or take makky pics in general. I will just have to redirect everyone to all the other family blogs. ps-thats a sweet sander.