Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Homemade Calipers + F-holes

So i made some calipers to check the thickness of the top. Since the really nice ones cost 100+ i decided to make my own. I also chose what type of f-hole to use. I went with the standard shape and i'll bind that with Black/White/Black plastic strips. (as soon as that stuff gets here)
ange got a picture of me smiling, darn.

i slide the top in between the two wooden dowels, and on the top of the one stick is measurements equivalent the to the gap between to the two dowels.

that last picture is of the measurement stick on the calipers. Measures in 16ths of an inch.


cathi said...

looks great. smiling no less.

Rachel and Brian said...

your smile didn't even break the camera =)

*ethan* said...

you should smile more often you handsome dog.... and i just can't help it, but is f-hole have some sort of naughty meaning? because i think it does